Part 2 – The Present: How to get a Healthy Lifestyle with Omada

Being healthy and fit is easy right? It can be. However, when you add in the work, stress, paying bills, family commitments and friends sometimes health gets forgotten. Life happens and so does McDonald’s. How can people transform their lives? How can people lose hundreds of pounds? Motivation, will, determination and the desire to reach goals.

A couple of weeks ago I looking through my email thinking about how many junk emails I was going to have to delete. Then one email caught my attention so I opened it and after reading the email I was pleasantly surprised. The email I was reading was from Kaiser Permanent offering a program call Omada offered to me free of charge and I was very excited to start this new program. Omada helps you lose weight by helping you create new healthy habits over 16 weeks with a health coach and team members. The health coach monitors your weight, what you eat and helps you stay motivated by providing advice as well as your team supporting you. I like that this program is not a diet rather a lifestyle change.

When I first signed up for Omada it took a couples weeks before I was assigned a group and a health coach. During the time I was waiting for Omada to match me up. I entered a fitness challenge at work. My work was promoting a 40 day weight loss challenge. I was two weeks in my work fitness challenge when I finally got a notification I was assigned to an Omada group. I lost 5 lbs before Omada and 5 lbs after I started using Omada. I am in the 4th week of the Omada program and I really love it. The program is about making successful changes when it comes to eatting healthy and exercise than you can incorporate for the rest of your life.

My Food Secret Weapon :


I love premier protein shakes they taste good and help keep me full during the day. I usually have these before I go to the gym or if I can have a healthy meal or just for a snack. I like that these shakes have tons of vitamins and minerals  to keep me healthy while also being low calorie.

My Fitness Secret Weapon :

I do own a Fitbit and I had have friends who own a Fitbit which tracks how much you walk every day kind of like and super advanced pedometer. I really do love how my Fitbit tracks my exercise, steps, calorie intake and sleep. I can do everything with on simple app.


I will keep you posted on my successful results!

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What do you do to stay healthy? What are you secret weapons to staying healthy?  Leave a comment.