The Trick to Highlighting your Hair When You do it by Yourself

I am blogging about my hair today. Dinah is next week. I haven’t been in a few years and I am excited to go this year. I need to get my hair lifted and fast but who has the time or money to actually go to the salon. Its Saturday so I will do my hair now. My wife loves when my hair is lighter. I just don’t always like bleaching my hair because it totally kills my hair but it looks so good. I have been looking into wigs or hair pieces and have bought one from Amazon.  As a professional Cosmetologist I know lightening my hair isn’t the best thing but I think I just bite the bullet and do it.


  1. I got all my hair ingredients
  2. Parted my hair an got my foils ready
  3. Started my foil highlights towards the bottom of my hair,
  4. Let process for about 30-40 minutes and voila I am done!
  5. I still need to go back and lift the front highlights just a little more before Dinah.

The Trick to Highlighting your Hair When You do it by Yourself is : Don’t do it while you are Drunk! 

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