Part 2 – The Present: How to get a Healthy Lifestyle with Omada

Being healthy and fit is easy right? It can be. However, when you add in the work, stress, paying bills, family commitments and friends sometimes health gets forgotten. Life happens and so does McDonald’s. How can people transform their lives? How can people lose hundreds of pounds? Motivation, will, determination and the desire to reach goals.

A couple of weeks ago I looking through my email thinking about how many junk emails I was going to have to delete. Then one email caught my attention so I opened it and after reading the email I was pleasantly surprised. The email I was reading was from Kaiser Permanent offering a program call Omada offered to me free of charge and I was very excited to start this new program. Omada helps you lose weight by helping you create new healthy habits over 16 weeks with a health coach and team members. The health coach monitors your weight, what you eat and helps you stay motivated by providing advice as well as your team supporting you. I like that this program is not a diet rather a lifestyle change.

When I first signed up for Omada it took a couples weeks before I was assigned a group and a health coach. During the time I was waiting for Omada to match me up. I entered a fitness challenge at work. My work was promoting a 40 day weight loss challenge. I was two weeks in my work fitness challenge when I finally got a notification I was assigned to an Omada group. I lost 5 lbs before Omada and 5 lbs after I started using Omada. I am in the 4th week of the Omada program and I really love it. The program is about making successful changes when it comes to eatting healthy and exercise than you can incorporate for the rest of your life.

My Food Secret Weapon :


I love premier protein shakes they taste good and help keep me full during the day. I usually have these before I go to the gym or if I can have a healthy meal or just for a snack. I like that these shakes have tons of vitamins and minerals  to keep me healthy while also being low calorie.

My Fitness Secret Weapon :

I do own a Fitbit and I had have friends who own a Fitbit which tracks how much you walk every day kind of like and super advanced pedometer. I really do love how my Fitbit tracks my exercise, steps, calorie intake and sleep. I can do everything with on simple app.


I will keep you posted on my successful results!

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Moonlight your way to Romance with these Super Easy Date Ideas

Dating builds up your relationship and gives you and your spouse a chance to create romance. After you have been married for a while or in along term relationship its important to keep the romance alive. Spending quality time with your significant other than doesn’t involve mundane things like chores and paying bills is important. In a relationship where one or both spouses are working or busy dating can sometimes be tricky when you can’t be near each other all the time. However, it a good idea to take advantage of the time you do have when together.

Balancing interests while dating your spouse is also another key way to stay connected and filled in your relationship. Here are some fun super easy date ideas to try out.

Strengthen your friendship Dates

Any relationship you have you must maintain it. When you are married building and maintaining your friendship with your spouse is a must. Here are some active fun ideas to keep your friendship lively

Date Idea: Try geocaching


Go on a real live treasure hunt  for an adventure. Visit to begin your active.Who knows where you will end up or see?

Reason: Creating a sense of adventure in your relationship keeps the mystery and excited alive.

Date Idea: Seek Nature

Go on a new hike, go camping or visit a beach in your local area. Remember most boardwalks near the beach have places where you can rent bicycles and cruise down the beach.

Reason: Taking time to get outside helps you connect with nature and subsequently each other.

Date Idea: Try a themed Run 

Here is a photo of me and my wife Vanessa when we decided to try a Color Fest Run. We had so much fun trying something new together.

Sign up and try participating in Holiday Runs, Mud Runs, Bubble Runs, Color Runs, Night Runs or any kind of run that interest you.

Reason: Being active together with your spouse creates a chance for both of you to encourage each other and accomplish something together.

Rekindle your Romance Dates

Romance isn’t always in the air and being busy with life doesn’t help matters either. Dating your spouse can help you both feel more united and committed. Not to mention you create a sense of “we-ness” that can prove helpful when issues or stress is present.

Date Idea: Make it a Netflix Date Night


Get the popcorn ready and binge on a new show or catch up on a show you already watch together. If you want to get out of the house but don’t want to go to the theater try a local drive-in movie instead.

Reason: You can cozy up with your spouse while watching your favorite movie or show and who know where a simple kiss could lead?

Date Idea: Go to a brewery or winery  

Dating can be one of the spices of life. Why not get some free samples of wine or beer and discover a new treasure in your area? Research you local wineries or brewery and see if they offer tours and learn something new.

Reason: Taking in the lush scenery of a winery could be just the ticket to get a spark of romance in the air.

Create an Environment for Communication 

Communicating is the one key to keeping your relationship secure because you are able to express what you are feeling. Most times amid errands and work and everything in between, it can be hard to whole heartily voice your feelings. However, dating makes it easy to create an environment where you share what your feel with your spouse.

Date Idea: Take in Culture

Check out a free local art walk or museum or visit a farmers market.

Reason: Visiting local art walks or museum bring creativity and new interests you can share and talk about.

Date idea: Eat Out or Dine-in

Spontaneity is a great way to keep your spouse on their toes. Get all dressed up and visit that new restaurant you have had your eye on and try it. Feeling a little more low key and chill? Try ordering one of those food boxes that delivery to your house ( like from Hello Fresh or Blue Apron) and cook together.

Reason: Whether you are at home or in a nice restaurant you have a chance to put down your phone and really interact. Creating an environment that make it easy to communicate will keep you and your spouse on the same page.

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Part 1 – The Past: How to get a Healthy Lifestyle with Omada

In order to go forward you must go backwards and understand. Recently, I joined a new program called Omada offered by my medical insurance. I thought I would give it a shot to keep going on my weight loss efforts. Currently, at work I am in a Fitness Challenge with my co-workers to lose weight which has been way more fun than I thought it was going to be.

Here is where I was a year ago blogging away:

“The winter holidays are long gone and spring is here. Beautiful trees are just budding and colorful flowers are blooming all around us. What was your New Year’s resolution? Exercise, maybe eat more health? I know for me my New Year’s goals where to do exactly that. Exercise more and eat healthier. Don’t hold it against me, I am not an expert on fitness or exercise but I am trying to figure out what works for me fitness wise. ” – OMGLesbianArmyWifeBlog

Now come with me down memory lane to see how my fitness journey began really quick. I am sure anyone  who has tried a diet or  new exercise regime has probably at least once fallen victim to fitness goals being left unfinished.

A year ago here were my goals and how I would follow through…

How I’m improving my fitness Regime:

Plan: I looked at my sedentary lifestyle and I decided to change it.

Commitment: Making the decision to faithful go to the gym is a big committed and I finally made it.

Goal: I want to feel better about myself, the way I look, and my health.

Action: I get up a little early and go work out. I figure if I can go to work I can go the gym too.

Execution:  I join Curves. I really enjoy going to Curves and doing the circuits it works for me.

A year later…. Here is what really happened:

Plan: I looked at my sedentary lifestyle and I decided to change it.

Accomplished!  I joined Curves and watched what I ate.

Commitment: Making the decision to faithful go to the gym is a big committed and I finally made it.

I made the committed and it only last for 4 months from April to August 2016.

Goal: I want to feel better about myself, the way I look, and my health.

I did feel better once I embarked on my Curves journey. I could see the difference in my appearance.

Action: I get up a little early and go work out. I figure if I can go to work I can go the gym too.

I think overtime I am just not a morning exercise person and went in the afternoon after work.

Execution:  I join Curves. I really enjoy going to Curves and doing the circuits it works for me.

Conclusion is I did join Curves and I did see some results.

I like that the Curves gym is for only women plus it was like 5 minutes from my house. I felt comfortable and safe.  I did feel motivated by my coaches and then I didn’t. I didn’t like feeling as if I wasn’t doing good enough if I missed at day I committed to. I felt guilty and shameful. So, unfortunately I stop going and never looked back. I did enjoy my slight weight loss but then the holidays came and went and I ended up gaining 10 pounds. I am almost back to the weight I started at now.

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16 Exciting Lesbian Blogs to Supercharge Your Life

The blog-o-sphere has become dimensional, artistic, and visual. I love the art of writing using words to create the pictures of a story but we are now completely visually driven thanks to the internet, Facebook, twitter feeds, and of course blogs. Blogging is super fun when I actually take time to sit down and write. I know as a blog when I browse the internet randomly looking to read or learn about something I am draw toward dynamic content that is visual. I am always in awe of the photos bloggers chose and it coordinates with their blog posts. It seems in order to stay relevant, I find, bloggers must use images with their blog posts. Lets face it no one nowadays has an attention span longer than 2 minutes when it comes to social media content.

As a writer or blogger you have to snag the reader in the first few minutes, detail an inspiration story, list tons of tips or suggestion, be pretty, be funny, be brave – basically you have to be everything for your read. (I add sarcasm for free!) Then you have to create those wonderful visual stimulates that keep your reader engaged. Of course your graphics need to be spectacular and captivating. What can I say?  I really love blogging because you can say how you feel and even include some facts as to why you are right. I also love creating relevant motivating content that resonates with my reader and the world. Well enough engaging with you my reader. I wanted to create a blog post to keep you motivated and inspired. When it comes to fining great lesbian blogs I found its a little hard to come by. Here it is my list of 16 Exciting Blogs for Lesbians that will Super Charge your life.


About: “We like the macro and the micro, the international and the close-to-home. We take a queer sensibility to everything — ’cause something doesn’t have to be GAY to be, you know – gay. You won’t find any right-wing conservative viewpoints here, but we do try to feature a variety of perspectives, including the very radical and the very mainstream.”

About: Anything you wish to read about lesbian life from relationship advice, to dating tips, to who’s the next hottest lesbian celebrity you can sure fun it here.

About: “This is a blog to detail the life of Wegan. Who or what is Wegan I hear you ask? We are Whitney & Megan, a femme (aka ‘lipstick’) lesbian couple who endured four years of long distance between Hawaii & the UK. Follow & share on our journey, with our lives loved together and lived apart.”

About: Welcome to Black Lesbian Love Lab, where we exclusively celebrate BLACK LESBIANS and the women who love them!

About: “Hi, I’m Andrea Hewitt, a late life lesbian who came out in her mid-forties. This is the blog that I wish I had found when I was coming out a few years ago. There’s almost nothing out there about women coming out later in life, so I decided to write it myself and help others in the process. Hey, we’re here, we’re queer, and we’re fabulous & finally OUT!”

About:  “The Other Team is a website aimed at empowering lesbian and bisexual women through its snarky, gay-positive content. With a writing team full of awesome lesbians, The Other Team strives to be the #1 resource for queer women. Starting with a simple idea of helping lesbians around the world, The Other Team proudly boasts one of the largest lesbian communities on the internet with over 150,000 monthly readers, 116,000 Facebook fans, and 30,000 Twitter followers. Our philosophy is: If we can help at least one person who’s feeling lost and alone to love themselves for who they really are, then we will consider our efforts to be worthwhile.

About: “We are Sarah & Laura, a femme lesbian couple who’ve been together since March 2009. As a UK/USA couple we grew up across the Atlantic from each other but when we met in October 2008 it was hard to deny the chemistry! We love travelling, date nights, takeaways, dogs, and drink so much Diet Coke that we may actually be 20% DC at any given time.”

About: “Mombian is a lifestyle site for lesbian moms and other LGBTQ parents, offering a mix of parenting, politics, diversions, and resources for all our varied roles. Mombian provides news about LGBTQ families, parenting tips, reviews of books and media for parents and children, and political and legal news and commentary from the perspective of a lesbian mom.”

News & Media

About:The Fab Femme Mag is a popular media outlet that aims to create a unique space for feminine LGBTQ women from all walks of life. Our goal is to publish creative content that sheds light on stories told by feminine women in society.”

About: “Broadly is a website and digital video channel devoted to representing the multiplicity of women’s experiences. Through original reporting and documentary film, we provide a sustained focus on the issues that matter most to women. As one YouTube commenter succinctly put it: “So basicly [sic] vice but excluding anything of relevance that includes men.”

About: works the lesbian/bi pop culture beat with a fun, feminist perspective on film, television, music, books, and sports. We also cover  lifestyle issues like lesbian sex and dating, coming out, and our take on the current political climate as it affects our community. AE delivers new and exclusive celebrity interviews, film reviews, TV recaps, original video and more, and is a continually evolving website for women.

About: “ is your daily scoop of fabulous! And whether you’re looking for tips on putting together the perfect outfit, or wondering which lipstick is right for your complexion, is the perfect place to find the answers! From tips on how you can safely lose a few pounds to the new hair trends of the season, you will find it all on 26 blogs dedicated to women’s beauty, style, health, matters of the heart and all other important things we women talk about.”


About: Founded in 2011 by Sonny Oram, Qwear is a style website that transcends social norms through fashion performance and gender expression. We speak with brands and press about queer fashion needs, including interviews with Isaac Mizrahi on the Huffington Post Live, Buzzfeed, and We also highlight up-and-coming brands that cater to underserved demographics. Our inspiration provides a space void of the strict beauty standards of mainstream media and works to celebrate all bodies, abilities, races, and identities. Qwear insists that queer bodies are beautiful by consistently displaying positive images that portray us the way we view ourselves.”

About:  “One day I realized that of all the style blogs I loved to read, none were written by girls-who-like-girls, let alone very many strong and diverse queer voices.  And so, way back in 2008, with a crummy little point-and-shoot camera, a handsome sidekick behind the lens, and great big wishes for a badass femme community, I stepped onto the internet’s ‘infinite scroll’ catwalk to be the change I wished to see in the world. ”


About: “Pridezillas celebrates pride, love and equality. We are proud to promote our gay-friendly wedding vendors who support marriage equality. Our website showcases some of the best wedding photographers, planners, ministers, venues, DJ’s and more; all of which are excited to work with same-sex couples. We provide the wedding industry the ability to voice their support for marriage equality. We believe all love is worth fighting for.”

About: 2brides2be is a wedding resource for the modern lesbian bride: The bride who exudes youth and style no matter what her age, who doesn’t see her same-sex wedding as unusual but sees it as extraordinary, and who believes that she can have it all; including a chic and romantic wedding and the support of her community. 2brides2be features the latest trends in wedding related content while putting our lesbian brides at the forefront of wedding planning.

Extra Blogs to Check out!!! ( I couldn’t help myself)

Updated: March 24, 2017

More awesome Lesbian Blogs to check out

*These blogs I noticed were last updated in 2016 but totally still worth checking out!

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The Trick to Highlighting your Hair When You do it by Yourself

I am blogging about my hair today. Dinah is next week. I haven’t been in a few years and I am excited to go this year. I need to get my hair lifted and fast but who has the time or money to actually go to the salon. Its Saturday so I will do my hair now. My wife loves when my hair is lighter. I just don’t always like bleaching my hair because it totally kills my hair but it looks so good. I have been looking into wigs or hair pieces and have bought one from Amazon.  As a professional Cosmetologist I know lightening my hair isn’t the best thing but I think I just bite the bullet and do it.


  1. I got all my hair ingredients
  2. Parted my hair an got my foils ready
  3. Started my foil highlights towards the bottom of my hair,
  4. Let process for about 30-40 minutes and voila I am done!
  5. I still need to go back and lift the front highlights just a little more before Dinah.

The Trick to Highlighting your Hair When You do it by Yourself is : Don’t do it while you are Drunk! 

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hair dye

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How to Start over like the Lesbian Ninja you are

Who I am? I just woman with something to say who happens to want to share it. I have created several blogs in the past like and now I want to start over like a ninja with a lesbian inspired lifestyle blog aka a blog about my life and how I see it. I love writing and blogging. I want to share my life, tips, and resources – all geared towards lesbians. I was browsing Facebook the other morning  in bed as I usually do and I saw this inspiring video about following your passion no matter what.

Here is the video:

After watching this quick video (Adidas – Break Free) it reminded me to follow my passion – where ever it leads. I can make a difference, I can be the difference.  I want to follow my passion and blog because its the way I can creatively connect with my world – through words. When you are a writer the words just swell up inside and you have to find an outlet to share your stories, your words.

I can be the difference.

I was working on another blog about what it’s like to be a Military Spouse as a Lesbian, but I have been growing more and more lately. I want to change it up, blog about a wider spectrum of things that interest me. Which lead me to Her Lesbian my new blog about Lesbian Life and all the ups and downs. Hope you will follow me on my blogging adventures!

Remember if you need to start over just do it there is not time like the present!

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